A few frequently asked questions we've received so far:

How many employees do you have? Do you need volunteers?

We are currently up to 2 employees, myself and Ashley. We have had so many offers for people to come volunteer and spend time with the kitties and we thank you all! However, unlike a rescue, these kitties aren't ours, they're only vacationing with us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment we accept cash, check, or can do a bank-to-bank transfer through Quickbooks. We are in the process of accepting credit and debit cards. There will be a convenience fee attached to each credit/debit card swipe. All other forms of payment do not have a fee. There is no discount for paying in cash.

What is in the typical feline care-taking day?

As all pet owners know, each of our furry friends have much different personalities. This means a day in the life of being the owner of The Cat's Pajamas can change from day to day and even hour to hour.

The day begins with the cats being fed and medicated if applicable (timing depends on appointments and the individual needs of the cats). After feeding, cats in enclosures begin taking their turns coming out to run around. Litter boxes, sweeping, dishes, wiping down counters/enclosures/rooms, etc. are next. This schedule happens both in the morning for breakfast and in the afternoon for dinner.

Then it's time to spend some good old fashioned quality time with each of the cats (granted the kitty wants the attention). This can be anything from laying on my lap and taking a nap to playing with their favorite toy(s) to working mats out of a long-haired kitty's coat. This is usually what takes the most time. Which leads us to the next question...

Can my single cat board in a room? Can I pick a specific room for my family of cats?

Due to our size, single cats must be boarded in one of our enclosures. We offer the biggest enclosures around at the same price as other places with smaller spaces. Our rooms are reserved for families of cats (2 or more) ONLY.

We try to keep everyone (human) happy as much as possible! We understand people may have preferences for certain rooms and we will do our best to accommodate your request for a specific room. Sometimes, however, other boarders may change that availability. We prefer bigger cat families (3 or more) to board in our two biggest rooms. We try to give cats that are VERY active a bigger room so they have more room to run and play compared to cats that spend all day sleeping. We also have cats that come in that need to be away from the front door due to anxiety issues. Please be patient and understanding with us. We put a lot of thought in to where is best for the cats to stay to keep them as happy as possible.

What is my money paying for exactly, isn't litter cheap?

First: time. The time it takes me to comfort, play, brush, pet, cuddle, give treats to, and possibly let the cat run around to stretch their legs. I spend several hours each morning and several each afternoon to make sure these essential activities occur as well as keeping each cat as close to it's normal schedule/diet as possible.

Second: goods. Everyone knows that if you drive a car for 10 years things are eventually going to break or the car itself may need to be replaced.  The same goes for everything we use on a daily basis. We provide all litter needed during your kitty's stay as well as all blankets, beds, towels, litter boxes, scoops, dishes, toys, scratching posts, and luxurious space for your kitty to relax. Just like that old car, our enclosures, dishes, litter boxes, beds, blankets, etc. all have to be cleaned, sanitized, maintained and replaced for maximum kitty safety and happiness.

Third: supplies. Some kitties get upset stomachs from the car or hairballs from their beautiful coat. Some kitties make some pretty big messes when they eat. Some kitties track what's supposed to stay in their litter box all over the enclosure or room. Long story short we go through a lot of paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish soap, wipes, etc. A clean living space is a happy living space 🙂

We offer larger enclosures and larger rooms than most of our competition while still trying to keep our pricing competitive with others so please be curtious with your pricing comments 🙂

How does your appointment scheduling work?

All hours are by appointment ONLY. Even for prospective new customers stopping by just to see what we have to offer, an appointment should be made prior. Some kitties dart for doors when they open or become aggressive and/or hide when strangers come near them so we require time to safely get them back in to their enclosures before appointments.

We offer hours both in the morning and in the afternoon, trying to schedule them far enough apart so that we can commit to your appointment without running behind but also close enough so that any kitties in enclosures who want to come out can have time to do so. We operate similar to a regular hotel: charges begin the day the cats are dropped off, regardless of appointment time, and there is a daily charge for any cats picked up in the afternoon.

30 minutes is allotted for each appointment to allow time for heavy traffic or your kitty hiding on you when they see the carrier. We ask that if you're going to be more than 5 minutes late to send us a text so we can plan accordingly. Any appointments arriving 15 minutes after the 30 minute allotted time will result in a $10 late charge. If we cannot get a hold of you after 45 minutes of your appointment time, a new appointment will need to be scheduled and will result in a $25 rescheduling fee (ex. appointment is set for 10am, 30 minute window takes us to 10:30am, contact cannot be made by 10:45am, appointment expires). PLEASE do not assume someone will be at the facility after your appointment time. A phone call or text message MUST happen to set up a new appointment time. We are a small, family owned, single person run business. Personal appointments and emergencies can occur.

We understand that travel issues may occur when trying to get home (delayed or canceled flights, snow storms when driving, etc.) Proper, advanced notice of these issues will help to avoid you being charged late/rescheduling fees. Please contact us AS SOON as these issues happen and we will do our best to work with you.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT OUT OF HOUR APPOINTMENTS. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What if my cats need to be separated?

We understand there are situations where cats just don't really get along. Many times when brought in to our facility, those behaviors don't occur due to the new environment. Most times, these cats can be placed in the same room just fine. If, however, they HAVE to be separated, there would be a discounted charge for both areas being occupied. These charges cover multiple areas being taken up, multiple litter boxes/scoops, multiple areas needing to be maintained and cleaned, etc. Please contact us for pricing for these situations.