We provide everything for your kitty's vacation except for food. We want to make sure that they feel the most comfortable during their stay and due to stomach upsets when switching diets, staying on their same food is their best chance at happiness!

Each deluxe enclosure and luxury room includes comfy beds, a scratching box or post, a litter box, and toys. Food and water dishes are also provided by The Cat's Pajamas.

Daily* and Monthly Rates

Deluxe Enclosures

Please call for current rates


*Rates do not include sales tax

**Luxury rooms are reserved for families of cats ONLY (2 or more)

***Please call for rates on cats who need separate spaces - additional fees apply

Additional Services (prices do not include tax)

Nail Trimming - $10 for full trimming, $5 for front only. Free during any 3 day or more stays with us!
Medication - $2 per injection/oral pilling outside of business hours (no charge for within business hours unless cat is uncooperative)

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