Wecome to The Cat's Pajamas

My name is Elizabeth Downs and I am the proud owner of The Cat’s Pajamas! Our mission is to be your number one choice in care for your feline family members when travel plans or other commitments keep you apart. Our feline only care facility, located in the Village of Hamburg, NY, is equipped with deluxe enclosures and luxury rooms where your furry companions are treated like family. The Cat’s Pajamas care team are on-site every day to provide individually tailored care for each guest, the appropriate amount of human interaction depending upon each guest's personality and special attention to needs such as dietary requirements or medications.

A Little About Me

Since I was young, I was always the sibling bringing home injured wildlife and homeless cats and dogs, begging my mom and dad to let me keep them. Eventually, I grew up and started my first career as a public school teacher. Yes, I was THAT teacher! My classroom regularly featured a variety of animal life such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, baby squirrels, and baby chicks. Over the years, it has been my honor to volunteer with the SPCA and PetSmart, which included caring for and fostering kitties. In 2022, I retired from teaching and began the overwhelming task of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The Cat's Pajamas was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my passion for animals, draw upon all of my previous experience and continue to serve a greater purpose. In addition, I am currently the proud mom and grand-mom of five cats, three dogs and a horse.

Enclosures vs. Rooms

To get more information on and see pictures of our enclosures and rooms, give a click 🙂