A few frequently asked questions we receive:

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. There is no discount for paying in cash. Payment via credit card can now also be completed through our Pet Parent Portal!

What is the Pet Parent Portal?

We offer a Pet Parent Portal provided through an online service called Gingr. This service allows you to sign in and receive pictures, videos and written updates on your pets, update any and all information for yourself and your pets, and view all reservation details and invoices! We currently do not allow for online reservation booking. Please contact Elizabeth at (716)780-2757.

Will my cat(s) be stuck in their boarding area the whole time? Do you pet them or play with them?

All cats have multiple opportunities to come out on the main floor with us every day! If cats do not want to or can not come out of their boarding area, we will spend time with them inside of their boarding area playing, brushing, petting, giving treats, etc. Please note: not all cats will want to come out or interact with us. Some personality and medical situations may effect if and when a cat is offered out on to the main floor. We adapt for each situation to make it work the best for the cat(s)!

How does your appointment scheduling work?

We offer appointments 7 days a week, both in the morning and afternoon/evening. Our morning appointments begin at 9am and end at 12:30pm and our afternoon/evening appointments begin at 4pm and end at 7:30pm. Appointments are run every 30 minutes with only one customer scheduled per time slot.

We understand that travel issues may occur when trying to get home (delayed or canceled flights, snow storms when driving, etc.) Proper, advanced notice of these issues will help to avoid you being charged late/rescheduling fees. Please contact us AS SOON as these issues happen and we will do our best to work with you.

We are no longer running out of hours appointments at this time. No exceptions.

What if my cats need to be separated?

We understand there are situations where cats just don't get along and we do offer a "split boarding" discount. Two cat families being split boarded are considered "single" cats and will be boarded in our Deluxe Enclosures with a charge occurring for both areas being used minus 10%. Larger cat families will be charged for any areas needed minus 10%.

Do you offer daycare or long term pricing?

We do! Please contact Elizabeth at (716)780-2757 for discounted pricing.

Do you do cat grooming?

At this time, we currently only do nail trimmings and brushing. We can work on mats (depending on the severity) by brushing but we do not shave or trim hair. We recommend Fluffy Puppy (716) 926-9226 in the Village of Hamburg or Barks~n~Meows (716) 980-6545 on Lake Shore Road in Hamburg!